While UX is about the user’s journey and experience, UI concentrates on the looks, feel and aesthetics of a product or service. My aim is to bring the two together while working with an iterative and open design process - testing assumptions and integrating scientific insight as I go along.

The way I think about user-centred design is inspired by Caitlin Moon, Director of Innovation Design at Vanderbilt Law School. During her speech at the Legal Design Summit in Helsinki in 2019, she described five mindsets that are foundational to designing for humans:

  • curiositythe only way we can do our job really well is to be genuinely curious
  • empathy - we want to see the world from another person’s perspective
  • experimentationwe don’t know the outcome and we embrace failure
  • embracing ambiguityrather than holding on to familiar patterns and routines, we are excited to explore the richness of possibilities in uncertainty and adapt to different scenarios
  • radical collaboration - a diverse group of problem solvers will always produce the best outcome!