My speciality are portraits on location, but I have worked on various assignments ranging from concerts and weddings to fashion and advertising. At age 23, I photographed the Mazda print campaign „Voilà ma Suisse“ in collaboration with JWT/Fabrikant.


When working on the visual appearance of a brand, my main objective is to simplify and clarify what the brand is all about. I aim for an aesthetic that is authentic, intuitive and a little bit surprising.
The better we are able to understand data, the more informed our choices will be. That is why I believe that data visualisation is a very useful and powerful tool. By presenting complex information in a visual form, I can help people identify new patterns and grasp difficult concepts more easily. It is also a way of telling a story that people can draw meaning from. At the bottom line, data should be fun and approachable for everybody!


I like to work with 3D models because they bring concepts to life in an energised, engaging way. I have created visualisations, illustrations, animations, game art, and the environment for an industrial VR application in 3D.

I aim to replicate materials and scenes as they would appear in real life, using HDR-image based lighting, displacement textures, subsurface scattering and different grades of reflectivity.